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CQUniversity researchers collecting sea grass at Gladstone. Photo credit: Coastal Marine Ecosystems Research Centre

Griffith researchers at Sea Jellies Illuminated research lab at Sea World. Photo credit: Griffith Coastal and Marine Research Centre

QUT research to understand coral attachment and reproduction for reef restoration. Photo credit: Collaborative coral by Brett Lewis QUT

UniSQ researcher examining a crop at the Tosari Crop Research Centre. Photo credit: Anna Singleton - University of Southern Queensland

Close up of the pore structure of a hydrogel membrane. Photo credit: Dr Katrin Kockler - Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology

UniSC A/Prof Kathy Townsend researcher in marine conservation. Photo credit: University of the Sunshine Coast

Queensland science makes a difference globally with strengths across all the fields of science particularly in applying research to the real world. Queensland is an exciting place to do science.

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With over 280 research centres, institutes, hospitals, precincts and other research organisations, Queensland science is delivering leading research.

  • Queensland Science is addressing some of the biggest challenges the world faces—the health of our communities, and environments; the quality and quantity of food available; abundant clean energy; and sustainable economies.

    Queensland Science is addressing some of the biggest challenges the world faces—the health of our communities, and environments; the quality and quantity of food available; abundant clean energy; and sustainable economies.

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News from Queensland universities and research organisations.

  • Cruel summer ahead – why is Australia so unprepared?

    Shutterstock2023 has shattered climate records, accompanied by extreme weather that has left a trail of devastation and despair, according to the World Meteorological Organization at COP 28. Some of the most significant extreme heat events were in southern Europe and North Africa, especially in the second half of July. Temperatures…

    5 Dec 2023

    Environment & natureSocial sciences

    Griffith University The Conversation

  • Can we sustainably harvest trees from tropical forests? Yes – here are 5 ways to do it better

    Managed well, tropical forests can be a sustainable source of timber, Professor Francis E Putz and Dr Claudia Romero write for The Conversation.

    5 Dec 2023

    Environment & natureFood & agricultureTropical

    Logo for University of the Sunshine Coast

  • Meet 'Sleep', the guardian of your wellbeing galaxy

    You may be resting when asleep, but your brain is busy, cleaning out metabolic waste that can otherwise cause irreparable harm including mental health disorders and Alzheimer's disease; this important connection between sleep and mental health is explored by an expert from UniSC's Thompson Institute.

    5 Dec 2023

    Health & medical

    Logo for University of the Sunshine Coast

  • Are Australian CEOs missing the strategic value of ‘purpose’?

    The power of purpose is now a mainstream concept, and a survey reveals 92 per cent of Australian CEOs say their company has a clear purpose to guide their business activities and meet the expectations of stakeholders. The 2023 Brandpie CEO Purpose Survey shows business leaders are shifting toward the…

    5 Dec 2023

    Social sciences

    Logo for Griffith University

  • Citizen scientists help discover new mantis species

    James Cook University researcher Matthew Connors has discovered two new praying mantis species with the help of citizen scientists. One of these new mantises is not just a new species but an entirely new genus – the classification level above species – and was discovered thanks to citizen scientist Glenda…

    5 Dec 2023

    Digital economyEnvironment & natureSocial sciencesTropical

    Logo for James Cook University

  • Two charts in Australia's 2023 climate statement show we are way off track for net zero by 2050

    Climate Change and Energy Minister Chris Bowen has announced Australia is “within striking distance” of the government’s 2030 emissions reduction target. The good news was in the 2023 Climate Statement he tabled in parliament late last week. Our commitment under the Paris Agreement is to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases…

    4 Dec 2023

    Environment & nature

    University of Queensland The Conversation

  • Being overweight hampers immune response to SARS–CoV–2

    University of Queensland–led research shows being overweight can impair the body's antibody response to SARS–CoV–2 infection but not to the protection offered by vaccination.

    4 Dec 2023

    Health & medical

    Logo for University of Queensland

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