Queensland COVID-19 research

  • QUT and Oxford researchers collaborate on new COVID-19 asthma drug trial

    July 2020

    QUT mathematician, physician and Australian Research Council Future Fellow, A/Prof. Dan Nicolau, is a lead researcher in the STOIC (STerOids In COVID-19) trial. A/Prof Nicolau and Prof. Bafahdel from University of Oxford had noticed early in the pandemic that people with asthma and the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) were under-represented in the numbers of seriously ill COVID-19 patients. The STOIC trial is looking at whether asthma inhalers given to people with early stage COVID-19 can reduce progression of respiratory illness and cut emergency department presentations and hospital admissions. Prof. Nicolau and the QUT team will be coordinating trial data analysis, modelling of pathological mechanisms and building COVID-19 maths models to explain and use the clinical trial data to optimise patient treatment, while Prof. Mona Bafahdel will lead the clinical trial with about 500 patients. Some patients will be given the inexpensive, widely-prescribed inhaler medication corticosteroid budesonide that is used to prevent and control asthma symptoms, while others are given a placebo. Budesonide acts to reduce irritation and inflammation of the lungs and airways.

Artists in Residence Science Program

Art meets science exhibition

  • About the exhibition

    The 2012–2018 Art meets Science Exhibitions provided an opportunity for artists from across South East Queensland to join the artists participating in the Artist in Residence Science program in showcasing their recent artworks that demonstrate a strong art-science connection. Find out more about the artists and artworks featured in these exhibitions in the 2015-2018 Art meets Science exhibition catalogues.

    Therese Flynn-Clarke - Moths of the Caldera - Opodiphthera eucalypti (Gum Emperor Moth) - made from all natural plant fibres