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Z for ZIKA VIRUS! Researchers across Queensland including Francesca Frentiu from @qutrealworld are trying to eliminate Zika virus. They’re looking to understand how Queensland mosquitoes transmit human viruses such as Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya. If...

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Z for Zzzz....SLEEP SCIENCE! Sleeping like a baby? Dr Sally Staton and researchers from @uniofqld are studying sleep in children. If you're a parent or an early childhood educator, you may want to find out...

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Y for YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH! Professor Daniel Hermens from @usc.australia is working to better understand the adolescent brain. He is looking at brain development and psychiatric and substance use disorders in young people. Read more:...

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Y for YOU! YOU can be a scientist too. A citizen scientist with the Australian Citizen Science Association! Learn more: http://bit.ly/YOUCitizenScience #AtoZQldScience #ScienceWeek #qldscience #citizenscience

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X for X-RAY! X marks the spot. Emma Livingstone and other researchers from IMB at @uniofqld use x-ray technology to work out the structure of proteins. #AtoZQldScience #ScienceWeek #qldscience

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X for eXOPLANETS! Researchers from the @usqedu are working on discovering and characterising worlds beyond Earth for the @nasa #tessmission Read more: usq.edu.au/research/astrophysics #AtoZQldScience #ScienceWeek #qldscience #astrophysics #exoplanets

Artists in Residence Science Program

Art meets science exhibition

  • About the exhibition

    The 2012–2018 Art meets Science Exhibitions provided an opportunity for artists from across South East Queensland to join the artists participating in the Artist in Residence Science program in showcasing their recent artworks that demonstrate a strong art-science connection. Find out more about the artists and artworks featured in these exhibitions in the 2015-2018 Art meets Science exhibition catalogues.

    Therese Flynn-Clarke - Moths of the Caldera - Opodiphthera eucalypti (Gum Emperor Moth) - made from all natural plant fibres