About the exhibition space

  • The display area is part of the ESP public foyer (internal atrium) that also functions as an internal thoroughfare, emergency exit, break out area for two seminar rooms and the eastern louvres are part of the emergency air ventilations system.
  • About 800 staff work in the building and there are many daily visitors including children that spend time or pass through the foyer.
  • There is 24 hour security in the building, however security cannot provide dedicated surveillance for the exhibition and artworks are exhibited wholly at the owners/artists risk.
  • See floor layout and images below—you can also view these areas during normal working hours Monday–Friday and may be able to meet or discuss with the organiser by prior arrangement.
  • There are a limited number of free standing display and wall panels and shelf space available.
  • Limited overhead hanging may be possible however we must have full information on this in your application as we need to seek by express prior assessment and approval of the building owners.
  • Fixing or hanging from walls is not normally permitted—if you are considering this option, we may be able to negotiate this, however we must have full information on this in your application to enable us to seek express prior approval with the building owners.

Examples from previous exhibitions

The images below provide examples of how the limited and multiple use space has accommodated a range of artworks.