2015 Artist in Residence Science residency

Data Lounge artwork by artist Jane James

Data Lounge artwork created by artist Jane James as part of 2015 Artist in Residence Science residency in collaboration with scientists in the Remote Sensing Centre, Science Division.

Photo credit: Image by artist Janes James used with permission

The inaugural 2015 Artist in Residence Science residency was held at the Ecosciences Precinct, Dutton Park, Queensland.

After a call for Expressions of Interest a collective of 8 artists were selected to participate in the 6 month residency.

The artists of the ‘Curiosity AIRS’ collective were: Alicia Lane, Ben Beeton, Jane James, Jennifer Wright, Knut Mueller, Louise Saunders, Mali Moir and William M Boot. The Curiosity AIRS posters provide further information on art-science collaboration and the residency.

Some of these artists regularly visited the Ecosciences Precinct and interacted and collaborated with scientists in the Science Division who work in the environment and natural science sectors.

The 2015 residency concluded with a 2015 Art meets Science Exhibition held at the Ecosciences Precinct..