2016 Artist in Residence Science residency

Truncated I by artist Donna Davis

Truncated I is a digital image inspired by fungi that occur in the Purga Nature Reserve. It was created by artist Donna Davis as part of the 2016 Artist in Residence Science residency in collaboration with scientists from the Queensland Herbarium and Landscape Sciences, Science Division.

The 2016 Artist in Residence Science residency was held at the Ecosciences Precinct, Dutton Park and the Queensland Herbarium, Mt-Cootha.

After a call for Expressions of Interest four artists Alinta Krauth, Kay Lawrence, Jeanette Stok and Donna Davis were selected to participate in the three month residency. The selected artists work across a number of art forms and media including digital, new media, sculpture, drawing, installation.

They collaborated with science staff by talking, visiting, exchanging ideas and information by email. Three of the artists were able to join some of the scientists on field trips to Purga Nature Reserve near Ipswich, Moreton Bay, Brisbane River and East Trinity Inlet. One artist Jeanette Stok undertook an 8 hour marathon drawing event in the foyer of the Ecosciences Precinct capturing, in a unique way, the flurry of activity and interaction at the Precinct.

Altogether these artists created 12 very diverse works reflecting their interaction with scientists and their different practices. The 2016 residency concluded with the 2016 Art meets Science Exhibition held at the Ecosciences Precinct. Twelve additional Queensland artists who had recently completed science-based artworks were also invited to exhibit.

These exhibitors include established independent artists and undergraduates and doctoral students from Griffith University and QUT. The exhibited works spanned a wide of range of media and artforms including sculpture, installation, painting, digital animation, and photography and are the responses of the artists to their interactions with scientists, their research and the facilities and field environments in which they work.