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The Queensland Department of Education has a long history of supporting and engaging in high quality, contemporary research, including as a participant, a partner, a funder, a lead investigator, a reviewer, and an end product user. Evidence is used by the department every day to deepen knowledge about the impact of services and improve policies, decisions and performance. Investment and participation in high-quality research, and the use of research findings, ensures initiatives are based on the best available evidence.

  • All research in publics schools is guided by a Research Plan to encourage researchers to focus their research efforts against the state’s 8 Priority Research Themes and to ensure that research activities are accessible, ethical, of high quality, open and collaborative, and of clear benefit.

  • The department invests in research through its Education Horizon research grant scheme that funds high-quality local research aligned with the government's priorities. Queensland researchers with a Queensland-based sponsor organisation are eligible to apply. The department also has a competitive application process in place for assessing potential Australian Research Council partnership proposals that involve central office business areas.

  • The Queensland Education Research Inventory (QERI) is an online application for conducting research involving Queensland public schools and other departmental sites and/or data, and a searchable inventory of that research.

  • To meet the increasing demand for Queenslanders with science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills, several initiatives supported by Queensland universities are supporting the development of this talent pipeline including a ‘Strategy for STEM in Queensland state schools’ and a ‘STEM Hub’ online resource.

  • Research Services plays a key role in making sure that research carried out with the department, public schools and our other state education sites has educational benefits, is appropriate and worthwhile, and is done in a safe and ethical way.

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