Queensland health science

  • Queensland’s healthcare system ranks amongst the best in the world. Partnering with universities, medical research institutes and industry, we have outstanding capabilities in: aged care and Dementia; clinical trials; health technology; children’s health; and maternity and neonatal care.

  • Queensland Health provides research fellowships for clinical research, young doctors, nursing and midwifery, and physiotherapy.

  • Queensland is a one-stop-shop for clinical trials, research and development programs with an outstanding track record in all clinical trial phases.

  • The coordination unit coordinates clinical trial sites and services, facilitates approvals, monitors and streamlines research ethics and governance processes and manages intellectual property assets.

  • Health practitioner research in Queensland Health is guided the Queensland Advancing Health Research 2026 strategy and is supported by a Health Practitioner Research Fellows program and the Allied Health – Translating Research into Practice (AH-TRIP) is an initiative.

  • Queensland Health has coordinated 2 major COVID-19 research program: the ATHENA COVID-19 study and the COVID-19 vaccine research program (QoVAX SET).

  • The Database of Research Activity 2.0 (DoRA 2.0) is a publicly accessible, searchable website. The database covers all Queensland Health human research, not just clinical trials.

  • The OPMR (Formerly the Health Innovation, Investment and Research Office) coordinates a collaborative approach to health innovation, investment and research across Queensland Health.

  • Clinical Excellence Queensland partners with health services, clinicians and consumers to drive measurable improvements in patient care through its continual pursuit of excellence.

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