Queensland Government Science Strategic Investment Framework

Science and innovation are critical to Queensland’s future prosperity and delivering better outcomes for our environment, our economy and our people.

The Department of Environment and Science is working across government, the research sector and industry to grow an innovative and thriving science sector that has the scale, quality and diversity to deliver real-world impact.

We’re continuing to harness our strengths and capabilities by retaining and attracting research talent, developing leading-edge research infrastructure and growing national and international industry and research partnerships.

We’re helping to grow Queensland’s economy, businesses, exports and jobs by diversifying and building the knowledge-based industries of the future.

Our Science into Industry programs will make Queensland science more competitive by accelerating the commercialisation of university research and development and linking university partners with industry to build new products and services.

We’re actively bringing science into our communities through a range of programs that encourage Queenslanders to get involved in STEM education, science events and citizen science activities.

The Queensland Government is in this for the long term, having invested in research and science for more than 20 years.

The Queensland Government is investing in scientific excellence and capability to advance the wellbeing of Queenslanders and to drive a sustainable and thriving economy.

The strategic investment framework is based on four key pillars:

  • Talent—talented scientists and researchers
    • Attract and retain the best scientific talent in the world
    • Support talented researchers’ to increase engagement with industry and end users
    • Increase the diversity and inclusiveness of science and research in Queensland
    • Recognise and reward outstanding talent
  • Infrastructure—Leading edge translational infrastructure  
    • Support infrastructure that aligns with Queensland’s priorities
    • Leverage Australian Government funding for research infrastructure
    • Support strategic sharing and use of research infrastructure
    • Take a precinct approach to science translation
  • Translation—Partnerships between industry, research and government that translate research into real world solutions and support economic and jobs growth
    • Support industry and research collaboration projects in areas of strategic importance to the Queensland economy
    • Improve the capability of Queensland’s science base to translate leading research
    • Attract greater private investment into Queensland
    • Connect Queensland science to the rest of Australia and the world
  • Community—A community engaged in science
    • Engage Queenslanders of all ages in science
    • Inspire young people to study science
    • Support talented science educators
    • Promote the benefits of Queensland’s science for the community

Key programs and initiatives


  • Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowships
  • Queensland Women in STEM Prize
    ($25,000 annually)
  • Young Tall Poppy Science Awards
  • Biodiscovery capability support
  • National Indigenous Science Translation Centre support
  • Queensland Smithsonian Fellowships
    ($120,000 annually)
  • Advance Queensland Backing Female Founders


  • Existing Research Infrastructure Co-investment Fund to leverage Commonwealth investment into leading edge, innovation focused scientific facilities in Queensland
    ($26.7 million over 5 years)
  • 2023 Research Infrastructure Co-investment Fund to leverage Commonwealth investment into leading edge, innovation focused scientific facilities in Queensland
    ($15 million)
  • Support collaboration in the Boggo Road Innovation Precinct
  • Queensland Major Research Infrastructure Alliance
  • Queensland Innovation Precincts and Places Fund to support innovation precincts drive ideas through to commercialisation, adoption and diffusion
    ($15 million)

Translation partnerships

  • Science into Industry Co-Investment Fund
    ($10 million over four years)
    • Research and Development Linkage Opportunities
      ($900,000 over two years)
    • Support for the Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence in Quantum Biotechnology
      ($900,000 over three years)
    • Support for the ARC Centre of Excellence for Indigenous and Environmental Histories and Futures
      ($150,000 from Co-Investment Fund and an additional $200,000 from other funding programs)
    • Support for two Queensland led Medical Research Future Fund National Critical Research Infrastructure projects
    • Queensland Defence Science Alliance
      ($500,000 over two years)
  • Science into Industry University Commercialisation Fund
    ($7 million over three years)
  • Queensland Regional Circular Economy (Industry–Research) Program
    ($4 million over four years)
  • Queensland–Germany Bioeconomy Collaborative Science Program with the German Federal Ministry or Education and Research
    ($3 million over three years under the Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy 2022–2032)
  • Queensland Decarbonisation Knowledge Translation Hub
    ($2.7 million over two years)
  • Strategic Science Agreement with Bavarian State Ministry for Science and the Arts
  • Queensland–Chinese Academy of Sciences Collaborative Science Fund
  • China–Ministry of Science and Technology
  • China–Queensland—Shanghai Memorandum of Understanding Program
  • Biomedical Research Alliance
  • Queensland Chief Scientist—Queensland Research Leaders Forum, Research Translation and Commercialisation Forum
  • Queensland Venture Capital Fund
  • Advance Queensland Female Founders Co-investment Fund to support female founders who are undertaking a pre-seed or seed capital raise
  • Translational Science Hub
  • Translational Manufacturing at Translational Research Institute
    ($60 million)
  • Advance Queensland Industry Research Projects


  • Queensland Citizen Science Grants
  • Partner up Queensland
  • Engaging Science Grants
    ($1.27 million over two years)
  • Flying Scientists program
  • Inspiring Australia including National Science Week events and activities
    ($75,000 annually)
  • Queensland–Cooper Hewitt Fellowships
    ($30,000 annually)
  • Queensland Science website capability directory and strategic visualisation tool