About the Science and Technology Division

The Science and Technology division provides scientific information and services across two areas - Science Delivery and Knowledge and Science Strategy and Partnership.

Science Delivery and Knowledge

We are the Queensland Government's trusted source of scientific knowledge, information and advice that enables decision making for environmental and natural resource management.


  • provide high quality, innovative scientific and technical services and advice, efficiently, timely and cost effectively
  • deliver efficiencies through whole of government services provision
  • act as an informed purchaser and/or independent broker of scientific services for, and with partner departments.

The focus of our work is applied science across the environment and natural resources spectrum to meet the needs of partner departments by:

  • providing a scientific evidence base to underpin policy development and to meet the legislative responsibilities of partner departments
  • developing and maintaining the information systems and decision-support tools needed to support effective decision-making by government, industry and the community
  • conducting monitoring, modelling and assessment of the environment and natural resources to support economic development of the state
  • supporting digital platforms, systems and transformation across the department.

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Science Strategy and Partnerships

Science Strategy and Partnerships provides strategic leadership for the Queensland Government's science investment in universities and research institutes. We develop strategic science policy, plan for future science investment, administer and manage science related grant programs, and monitor and evaluate the investment in science and its impacts.

We have a major role in showcasing the capability of Queensland science, helping to facilitate individual and institutional research and business linkages (both nationally and internationally) that encourage new collaborations and investment and increase the translation of the state’s research into outcomes that benefit Queensland’s economy and communities.

The work of Science Strategy and Partnerships makes a significant contribution to the Government’s aim to solve global challenges, seize opportunities in growing markets, fight for investment dollars, and create the jobs of the future.

Science Policy and Evaluation

This team is responsible for the development and evaluation of science policy, administration and review of legislation, and advising on key aspects of Queensland’s scientific infrastructure and capability.

The team administers legislation including the Gene Technology (Queensland) Act 2016, the Biodiscovery Act (2004) and Gene Technology Act (2001).

Science Partnerships and Development

This team seeks to increase the outcomes from Queensland’s Science sectors by highlighting opportunities and improving links with domestic and international business and research collaborators.

Activities include increasing the online profile and access to information on Queensland’s world-class research, working with targeted science and business delegations to Queensland and showcasing the state’s science investment opportunities to targeted international audiences overseas.

Science capability directory

The science capability directory provides information on the state’s key research capabilities and science expertise.