About the Science Division

The science division provides scientific information and services across two areas—development and delivery. The delivery area offers environment and natural resource management advice on planning and management processes. The development area progresses strategic science policy and manages the Queensland Government’s investment in science programs through universities and research institutes.

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Science Delivery

Science Delivery primarily supports the operational and legislative responsibilities of other Queensland Government departments by providing scientific information and advice to inform planning and management processes across the environment and natural resources spectrum.

The division makes scientific information available to government, industry and the broader community, and facilitates and participates in scientific partnerships and collaborations locally, nationally and internationally to deliver scientific services and advice to inform sound government policy, planning and decision making.

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Science Development

Science Development provides strategic leadership for the Queensland Government's $1.2 billion science investment in universities and research institutes.

We develop strategic science policy (in close collaboration with the Queensland Chief Scientist), plan for future science investment, program manage skills projects and infrastructure grants, and monitor and evaluate the investment in science and its impacts.

We have a major role in facilitating individual and institutional research linkages (both nationally and internationally) with a focus on the application of science to contribute to a productive and diversified economy and a healthy and sustainable society.

We also have a role in enhancing science communication and engagement.

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Science capability directory

The science capability directory provides information on the state’s key research capabilities and science expertise.