Queensland Water Modelling Network

2023 QWMN Research, Development and Innovation Tender – DES1221100

The QWMN is inviting expressions of interest to deliver innovative and collaborative solutions to the 2023 QWMN water modelling challenges, including:

  • First Nations engagement
  • Climate change and variability – making water models climate-ready
  • Modelling for nutrient delivery
  • Consolidation and extension (of past QWMN investments).

This tender may support one (1) project that can be completed within two years (i.e., by 30 June 2025) in addition to several single year projects. Funding levels are capped at $55,000/year (GST incl.) for pilot/proof of concept activities and $110,000/year (GST incl.) for fully fledged projects. Proposal outlines are sought to address one (1) or more aspects of the 2023 challenge statements.

For more information and details to apply, please see DES1221100 at qtenders.epw.qld.gov.au.

2022 QWMN RDI Showcase

The QWMN is pleased to announce that the 2022 QWMN project showcase video is now available.

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