WaTERS - Water Tracking and Electronic Reporting System

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The Water Tracking and Electronic Reporting System (WaTERS) has been developed to improve the tracking of regulated activities in Queensland that involve water releases to the environment.

WaTERS allows approval holders to regularly submit their monitoring data electronically to the government using a secure web portal. A range of data can be submitted but typically relate to water storage quality, treatment performance, release quantity and quality, receiving water condition or groundwater quality and level.

The system automatically checks this data against approval limits.

WaTERS can also receive notifications, often required by approvals, when water releases occur and/or when activities are operating outside of the specifications of the approval.

What is measured?

Approval holders measure concentrations of contaminants such as nutrients, organic matter, suspended solids, metals, pathogens and chlorine, as well as measuring release volumes. The results often have to be compared to limits specified in their approval.

An approval holder is any organisation that carries out activities that have a potential to impact on the environment, such as operating a wastewater treatment plant, and have an approval to do so under the Environmental Protection Act 1994.

Benefits of using WaTERS

Approval holders can benefit from submitting electronic data to WaTERS as it can be used to replace manual reporting. Data only needs to be submitted once and can easily be tracked and retrieved if needed.

WaTERS currently holds data for:

  • large and medium sewage treatment plants in South East Queensland (typically greater than 4,000 equivalent persons)
  • large sewage treatment plants across Queensland (typically greater than 10,000 equivalent persons)
  • major industries in South East Queensland and the Gladstone area
  • selected coal seam gas activities
  • coal and metalliferous mines across Queensland.

More information

You can access point source monitoring information for sewage treatments facilities.

Email to request data.

For more information visit Submit water release monitoring and tracking data online or view the WaTERS poster (PDF, 882.1KB) .