Queensland Water Modelling Network

The Queensland Water Modelling Network recently funded four new projects under the Research, Development and Innovation Expression of Interest Tender. Refer to the projects page for more information.

The Queensland Water Modelling Network (QWMN) is improving the state’s capacity to model its surface water and groundwater resources and their quality. The QWMN provides the tools, information and collaborative platforms to support best-practice use of water models, and the uptake of their results by policy makers and natural resource managers.


  • addresses the critical strategic gaps and weaknesses in water models at all scales, from individual farm paddocks, through to catchments and regions
  • improves the integration of all Queensland hydrology, groundwater and water quality models—including Great Barrier Reef models—and the consistency of modelling practices across the state
  • integrates environmental monitoring activities with water modelling, particularly in priority catchments and basins
  • identifies innovation, research and development opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of water modelling in Queensland
  • develops a community of practice in model development that will better inform environmental resource management decision-making in Queensland.


QWMN activities are based around five key themes:

  1. model integration
  2. model improvement
  3. model management
  4. building capacity and uptake
  5. communications and engagement.

Outputs, outcomes and impact

Since the QWMN’s establishment in 2017, it has initiated more than 12 collaborative projects, from cataloguing major water models used by the Queensland Government through to improving integration between agricultural and water catchment models.

Find out more about the projects and project publications.


The QWMN’s overall strategic direction, operation, and delivery is managed and coordinated by the Queensland Government.

A steering panel has responsibility for overseeing and integrating QWMN’s information and products, and for guiding its future direction. Technical working groups design and oversee the priority tasks identified within each of the network’s five themes.

More information

For more information contact QWMN@des.qld.gov.au