Science connections—a snapshot

Leading Queensland and Chinese scientists are partnering on issues of global significance such as food security, energy research, and better diagnosis and treatments for dementia.

Underpinning these research and industry collaborations are strategic science relationships with the:

These relationships build on our shared priorities and also pave the way for potential new opportunities for collaboration and commercialisation.

Missions, delegations and workshops

Over the years, Queensland and China have participated in a number of inbound and outbound visits. Outbound missions to China strengthen current agreements and help to identify potential new collaborations. Queensland also hosts a number of delegations from China, with related conferences and workshops showcasing our state’s research and technology strengths. With the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual discussions and workshops will be used.


We have several targeted funding sources for Queensland–China science, technology and industry collaborations.


There are a number of important contacts for potential research and investment partners that can be useful for finding more information about the Queensland–China relationship.