10 plus good reasons to connect with Queensland

1. Queensland is already home to many descendants of early German settlers, and a strong population of more recent arrivals including researchers, academics and businesses, making it easy to feel at home here. German culture is thriving in Brisbane, our state capital.

2. Academic links and employment opportunities in Germany are supported by academics with strong ongoing connections into German institutions.

3. Leading companies and institutions such as Strabag, Rheinmetall, BMW, Fraunhofer and German Space Agency choose collaborate with our researchers and invest in our economy supported by the innovative German Australian Business Alliance.

Geographic advantages

4. Easy access and shared time zones with southeast Asian markets while located in a rule-based country similar to Europe.

5. A range of climate zones and environmental conditions—wet and dry tropics, subtropics and arid, coastal and marine—makes it easy to grow and test products under various conditions.

6. Opposite time zones to Europe provide accelerated research with 24hour turnarounds.

7. Abundant sunshine enabling year-round agricultural and solar energy production.

8. Wide open space—land, sky and sea—vast distances and varied terrains for testing space-demanding research into vehicles and autonomous technology.

9. Access to near neighbour countries (Asia-Pacific) for collaborative research.

Demographic advantages

10. Highly-educated and digitally-confident society reflected in our local workforce including researchers.

11. Digitally-advanced systems and infrastructure enabling design and testing of new ideas.

12. Multicultural society making it easier to test for diverse cultural perspectives and feedback.

Queensland offers a globally unique proposition

Download or share the Queensland + Germany – Collaborating on Science fact sheet (PDF, 1.4MB) .

Academic Excellence - German Immersion and Extension

The German Immersion and Extension Program (GIEP) is a program of academic excellence at Kenmore State High School and Ferny Grove State High School which offers students an exciting opportunity to develop a very high level of German language proficiency. Brisbane German Language School offers German language courses at St Peters Lutheran College in Indooroopilly.