Good reasons to connect with Queensland

  1. Queensland is already home to more than 90,000 people of Indian ancestry (Australian 2021 Census), and there is a strong population of more recent arrivals including researchers, academics and businesses, making it easy to feel at home here.
  2. Indian culture is thriving in Brisbane, Queensland’s state capital. The Indian diaspora in Queensland is supported by more than 30 India cultural associations, including the Indian Council of Australia Queensland and the Federation of Indian Communities.
  3. The only cities in Australia twinned with an Indian city, Brisbane and our second largest city, Ipswich, and the capital of Telangana state, Hyderabad, have been tripartite sister cities since 2010.
  4. Academic links and employment opportunities in India are supported by academics with strong ongoing connections to Indian institutions.
  5. Indian business in Queensland is supported by the Queensland Chapter of the Australia India Business Council and industry-focused chapters including: agribusiness; healthcare; renewable energy; ICT/digital and defence and security.
  6. India has closer ties with Queensland than it does to other Australian states, with Queensland contributing more than 60% of Australia’s national export value to India in 2021.

Geographic advantages

  1. A comparable range of climate zones and environmental conditions—wet and dry tropics, subtropics and arid, coastal and marine—makes it easy to collaborate in growing and testing food, forest and fibre products under various conditions.
  2. Abundant sunshine enabling year-round agricultural and solar energy production.
  3. Wide open space—land, sky and sea—vast distances and varied terrains for testing space-demanding research into vehicles and autonomous technology with supporting legislation and policy framework.

Demographic advantages

  1. Highly educated and digitally confident society reflected in our local workforce including researchers.
  2. Digitally advanced systems and infrastructure enabling design and testing of new ideas.
  3. Multicultural society making it easy to test for diverse cultural perspectives and seek feedback.