Why partner with us?

Queensland is fast becoming a global hub for scientific research and discoveries. For more than a decade Queensland has invested heavily in science infrastructure, research, and its commercialisation. We have pursued policies that are attracting investors and research partners including:

  • developing world-class research precincts and centres of excellence
  • initiating and maintaining international industry and academic links
  • translating knowledge into new products and services
  • recruiting world leading scientists.

We also have great natural advantages including our unique biodiversity, which our scientists are drawing on to help solve real world problems including advancements in:

  • medicine
  • agriculture
  • food security
  • energy
  • environment.

Why Queensland?

At a glance Queensland boasts:

Current international collaboration

In partnership with our universities and major research institutes, we have forged strategic science and technology-based relationships with leading international companies and institutes. We have reached formal agreements with key international collaborators including China, India, the USA, Germany and Canada. We highly value these partnerships, as they are often a catalyst for joint research and increased innovation delivering benefits for Queensland, our region and beyond.

Queensland science making a difference

Queensland Science making a difference video

Queensland Science making a difference video

We encourage research and industry partners to join us. Watch our Queensland Science making a difference video.