About the Queensland–Germany Bioeconomy Collaborative Science Program

Creating international collaborations in Bioeconomy Research between Queensland and Germany

The Queensland–Germany Bioeconomy Collaborative Science Program is the key program under the Joint Declaration of Intent (JDoI) for Cooperation in Bioeconomy (PDF, 91.3KB) between the Queensland Government and the Federal Ministry of Education and Science in Germany (BMBF).

What’s important

  • Applications close at 1pm AEST on 20 June 2023.
  • Applications must be submitted online via the SmartyGrant portal.
  • Grants of up to $250,000 (excluding GST) over three years are available to Queensland research organisations.
  • Each successful German applicant will receive up to €500,000 of funding under the German application process.
  • Eligibility criteria apply.


Queensland-based applicants must be able to demonstrate that they will be undertaking the proposed project with a German research organisation that may have one or more industry partners involved.

The proposed project will support practical and applied collaborative science and research projects in the following target areas:

  1. Materials: Development or advancement of technologies for production of value-added products from sustainably sourced biomass, including but not limited to biotechnology, synthetic biology, and precision fermentation.
  2. Sustainable agriculture: Development or advancement of processes for the increased and sustainable production of agricultural products, this may include precision, smart and digital agriculture where there are clearly identifiable bioeconomy outcomes.
  3. Food (waste): Innovations to support sustainable and resilient food systems focused on reducing or reusing wastes, to enhance, and improve circularity

The project application must meet eligibility criteria. The Queensland–Germany Bioeconomy Collaborative Science Program Guidelines provide more information about the eligibility criteria including completing a

Apply now online

Queensland applicants – SmartyGrants

Queensland applicants – Apply with SmartyGrants

Apply to the Queensland–Germany Bioeconomy Collaborative Science Program 2023 through the online SmartyGrants portal.

Bioeconomy International 2023 (Germany)

Program information for German applicants.