Frequently asked questions

    How do I apply?

    Before submitting an application:

    • review the guidelines information
    • complete an online application form via the department’s SmartyGrants portal.

    What is the closing date for applications?

    • Applications closed at 1pm on Tuesday 29 August 2023.
    • Please note that due to overwhelming demand, some of the Department's business areas may no longer accept new enquiries to partner.
    • Late applications will not be accepted.

    What is the timing of the Australian Government’s Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Projects Program?

    • ARC Linkage Projects 2023 dates are available on the ARC website.
    • There are two ARC Linkage Projects 2023 assessment rounds.
    • The DES R&D Linkage Opportunities program only applies to those proposals being submitted to the Australian Government’s ARC Linkage 2023 Assessment Round 2 which closes on 13 December 2023.
    • Applications to the DES program must be for Linkage Projects being submitted for Assessment Round 2.

    What about applications to the ARC Linkage Project 2023 Assessment Round 1 closing 10 May 2023?

    • Applications submitted under ARC Linkage Assessment Round 1 are not eligible for the DES program.
    • Applications to the DES program must be for Linkage Projects being submitted for Assessment Round 2.

    How much funding will each successful applicant receive?

    • DES has allocated a total budget of up to $900,000 (excluding GST) over two years commencing 2024–2025 to support ARC Linkage Projects that address DES priority research themes (PDF, 245.7KB) .
    • A maximum of $375,000 in funding is available over two years per project.
    • Applicants are responsible for ensuring that requested funding complies with partner funding contribution requirements under the ARC Linkage Projects Grants Guidelines (2023 edition). Applications that are not in compliance will be deemed ineligible for the DES program.

    Which financial years does the funding cover?

    • DES funding is available across two financial years commencing 2024–2025.
    • Proposed ARC Linkage Projects can run up to five years, however DES funding can only be accessed for the first two financial years. Applicants should consider this when preparing their application.
    • DES funding will be paid in accordance with funding agreement milestones for approval projects.

    When will projects start and finish?

    • The ARC indicates outcomes from the ARC Linkage Project 2023 Assessment Round 2 (closing 13 December 2023) are anticipated to be announced in 14–27 June 2024 (approximately six months from the application closing date for that Round 2).
    • DES anticipates entering into agreements with successful applicants following confirmation of the relevant ARC Linkage Project grant being awarded in the second half of 2024.

    Can I apply for funding if the proposed ARC Linkage Project does not address one of the DES priority theme areas?

    No. Your application will be deemed ineligible if it does not address one of the following priority themes:

    • Decarbonising the Queensland economy
    • Building climate resilience
    • Advancing the circular economy
    • Developing robust and effective natural capital markets
    • Managing Queensland’s biodiversity and threatened species
    • First Nations data sovereignty and cultural heritage
    • Best practice mine rehabilitation
    • New approaches and technologies for environmental monitoring, detection and analytics
    • Built heritage
    • Translating and commercialising research.

    My proposed ARC Linkage Project aligns with a DES priority research theme but does not address a specific DES research question. Can I still apply?

    Yes, however applications must demonstrate genuine partnering with a DES business area to be eligible.

    It is the applicant’s responsibility to demonstrate the value of the proposed project to the DES business area that the applicant is seeking to partner with and obtain their agreement to partner, should the application be successful.

    It is strongly recommended that potential applicants engage early with DES business areas on potential partnering and development of proposals.

    How do I find a suitable DES business area contact to discuss an R&D Linkage Opportunity including partnering on a specific priority theme or research question?

    Applicants can contact the R&D Linkage Opportunities coordinator by email The coordinator will facilitate contact with the relevant DES business area. Enquiries should identify the DES priority research theme and/or research question relevant to the proposed project.

    Does the lead applicant need to be based in Queensland?

    Yes. DES funding will only be used to support applications from Queensland-based applicants for both the DES and ARC Linkage programs.

    Is DES required to be a named partner organisation on an ARC Linkage application?

    Yes. This program targets Linkage Project proposals that will be submitted for Assessment Round 2 with DES as a genuine partner (in-kind and cash) in the Linkage Project proposal.

    Do I need to apply to the DES R&D Linkage Partnerships Opportunities program prior to submission to the ARC Linkage Projects Assessment Round 2, or do applicants need to already have a successful ARC Linkage Project grant?

    Applicants are not required to already have a successful ARC Linkage Project grant as the DES program does not offer retrospective funding support to projects that have already been successfully awarded an ARC Linkage Project grant.

    When will I be notified about the outcome of my application?

    The department anticipates advising on the outcomes of the R&D Linkage Opportunities 2023 by 1 November 2023, subject to relevant approvals.