Queensland’s sustainable natural and managed ecosystems and the built environment industry

Queensland has some of the most diverse natural ecosystems on the planet, with skilled researchers developing novel approaches to land, water and pest management, combining traditional knowledge with the technology of the future.

We have more than 120 institutes, facilities, precincts, laboratories and other research organisations with expertise in water and wastewater management, reef science, air quality, green energy production, soils, flora and fauna ecology, mining remediation, recycling and urban development.

Building on this strong record of research-based innovation in sustainable natural and managed ecosystems and the built environment, this visualisation shows the relationships between the state’s leading research centres and innovation hubs and how they support this emerging industry.

Using the visualisation

  1. View in full screen to interact.
  2. To explore a theme, click on a dot in the inner circle.
  3. From here, navigate to the outer circle for details of research institutes, centres, hubs, and precincts – and see how they’re connected.
  4. For more information on a particular research location, click on an outer circle dot and then the link, which will take you to the Queensland Science Capability Directory.

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Queensland Science – driving emerging industries

Watch a shorter version of the driving emerging technologies video (2:08 min)