Queensland’s sustainable energy industry

The Queensland Government has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting the continued growth of Queensland’s sustainable energy industry. Queensland already has the largest share of rooftop solar panels in Australia and generates the largest amount of solar electricity. The state is investing in strategic transmission infrastructure in North and North-West Queensland to support a clean energy hub and has launched a state-owned, 100 per cent renewable energy generator and a virtual power plant.

Energy and fuels including biofuels were the second fastest growing fields of research across Queensland universities and research institutes of the last decade, with hydrogen projects already underway in multiple locations.

This visualisation shows the relationships between the state’s leading research centres and innovation hubs and how they support Queensland’s sustainable energy industry.

Using the visualisation

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  4. For more information on a particular research location, click on an outer circle dot and then the link, which will take you to the Queensland Science Capability Directory.

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Queensland Science – driving emerging industries

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