Texas A&M Global

Size and wide open spaces are not the only things Queensland has in common with Texas. Our economies are similar, as are our research strengths in life sciences, agriculture, aquaculture, resources and engineering.

The Queensland-Texas A&M Global Commercialisation Partnership is but one product of our common ground. Texas A&M is one of the USA’s largest higher education providers, and an acknowledged leader in commercialisation.

Open Worldwide Innovation Network

The impressive west entrance to the Texas A&M campus.

The impressive west entrance to the Texas A&M campus.

In May 2016, Queensland’s relationship with Texas A&M reached a new milestone with the securing of a major agreement. During a visit to the College Station campus, the Queensland Government announced it became an executive member of the Open Worldwide Innovation Network (OWIN).

Established by Texas A&M in 2013, OWIN is a not-for-profit innovation network promoting market access, entrepreneurship and technology commercialisation.

Queensland’s Trade and Investment Commissioner – North America supports this important partnership and is playing a key role in assisting Queensland businesses benefit from our membership of OWIN.