Emerging science-based industries

Changing technology is an increasingly important driver of the world's economy. Embracing these changes will support Queensland in growing, diversifying and building industries into the future. Technological advances and our existing research capabilities and changes in local, national and international markets, present opportunities for new industries and knowledge-intensification of existing industries. To harness these opportunities for their economic, environmental and social benefits for Queensland, there are current gaps that need to be addressed.

The New Smarts Supporting Queensland’s knowledge-intensive industries through science, research and innovation (PDF, 11.9MB) report identifies eight emerging ‘knowledge-intensive industries’ for Queensland. Knowledge-intensive industries are those that do, or are predicted to, draw heavily on technology and/or human capital inputs.

The CSIRO Data61 report was commissioned by the Queensland Government Department of Environment and Science to help inform future policy and strategic directions.

New Smarts report

The New Smarts report includes:

  1. Phases of new industry emergence and factors helping or hindering growth.
  2. Case studies of Queensland and international knowledge clusters.
  3. Eight emerging knowledge-intensive industries identified for Queensland (see below).
  4. Implications for future policy to support these emerging industries:

Eight emerging knowledge intensive industries

  • Sustainable energy
  • Advanced materials and precision engineering
  • Cyber-physical security
  • Next generation aerospace and space technologies
  • Smart mining, exploration and extraction
  • Advanced agriculture
  • Personalised and preventative healthcare
  • Circular commodities.