Ayr Research Facility

Agri-Science Queensland, Department of Agriculture and Fisherie

The Ayr Research Facility is 43ha facility located in the Dry Tropics of north Queensland, which represents most of Northern Australia. It provides opportunities for research, development and extension of tropical horticultural, tree and field crops across a broad range of species and commodities.

Organisation type
  • Queensland Government – Partner
Number of research staff
Up to 20 research staff
343 Old Clare Road, Ayr QLD 4807

Strengths and capabilities

  • Located in Australia's Dry Tropic zone
  • Climate allows winter trials of temperate summer crops
  • Located in a major horticultural area
  • Security of tenure for long term activities
  • Unlimited supply of good quality water
  • Predictable climate enhances the reliability of results
  • Sufficient land area to allow for best practices in crop rotation
  • Close access to road, rail, air and sea transport systems

Facilities and major equipment

  • 43ha of alluvial sandy loam
  • Research laboratory, glasshouse and cold rooms
  • Drying ovens, weighing and grinding facilities
  • Chemical store with modern spraying equipment
  • Sheds including mechanical workshop and machinery shed
  • Specialist planting equipment for small plots to large areas
  • Small plot harvestor

Key science sectors

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