Centre for Future Materials (CFM)

Institute for Advanced Engineering and Space Sciences, University of Southern Queensland

Formerly known as Centre of Excellence in Engineered Fibre Composites

Centre for Future Materials (CFM) has gained a reputation for pioneering research and development in engineered fibre composites. CFM prioritises R&D in advanced composite manufacturing, civil composites, smart materials, and geopolymer & concrete. CFM operates a dedicated industry test service for more than 1000 business clients across multiple sectors both nationally and internationally. The popular testing, in compliance with national and international standards, ranges from materials characterisation, polymer analysis, mechanical testing and large scale structural testing.

Organisation type
  • University Research Centre
Number of research staff
20-100 research staff
Block Z2, USQ Toowoomba campus, West Street, Toowoomba QLD 4350

Strengths and capabilities

  • Composites pultrusion testing and modelling
  • Cyber physical interface for composites manufacturing
  • Industry testing services in materials and structures
  • Advanced automated composites manufacturing
  • Civil structural repair testing and modelling
  • Geopolymer design and characterisation
  • Ballistic impact testing
  • Composite reinforcement permeability testing and prediction
  • Composite consolidation monitoring

Facilities and major equipment

  • CFM Testing Lab
  • Mechanical test machines, 10KN to 60 Tonne capacity
  • Analytical suites for resin characterisation
  • Composite materials testing fixtures and accessories
  • Hydraulic jacks and hydraulic cylinders, 10
  • 200 Tonnes
  • Programmable ovens and vacuum ovens
  • Pressure imaging systems
  • Smart material characterisation suites
  • Permeability test rig
  • Full scale pultrusion production line

Lead researcher

Achievements of the centre

  • Establishment of a joint China-Australia Institute for Advanced Materials and Manufacturing in 2016
  • The only Australian University to be an invited member of the International Research Network in Composites Manufacturing
  • JEC Europe 2014 Innovation Awards on a novel composite clamp for pipeline repair within the oil, gas and petrochemical industry

Key science sectors

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