The CSIRO BioFoundry

Synthetic Biology Future Science Platform, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Department of Industry Innovation and Science, Australian Government

Formerly known as CSIRO-UQ BioFoundry

The CSIRO BioFoundry offers services in the field of synthetic biology. Synthetic biology applies engineering principles to designing and building biological systems, making it possible to develop more sustainable and effective solutions to tackle environmental, health, manufacturing, and other industry challenges. We follow the Design Build Test Learn (DBLT) cycle, an engineering paradigm that represents a systematic, iterative approach to discovery and optimization. Our suite of equipment and software allow us the capability to deliver in all facets of the DBTL cycle for synthetic biology and related fields. Our specialist equipment includes robotics to provide the capacity to deliver high-throughput design and build services with workflows including combinatorial genetic design, DNA assembly, microorganism strain engineering. Our testing capability extends to phenotyping and we can link in access to metabolomics and protein production through other facilities in CSIRO.

Organisation type
  • Part of national organisation – Government
  • Commonwealth statutory authority
Number of research staff
Up to 20 research staff
CSIRO BioFoundry, Ecoscience Precinct, 42 Boggo Road, Dutton Park QLD 4102

Strengths and capabilities

  • Synthetic biology
  • Microorganism bioengineering
  • DNA assembly
  • Gene editing
  • Metabolic pathway
  • Biocatalyst engineering
  • Machine learning algorithm development

Facilities and major equipment

  • Physical Containment Class 2 (PC2) laboratory
  • Acoustic liquid handling robotics
  • Pipetting liquid handling robotics
  • High-throughput DNA capillary electrophoresis equipment
  • Multimode cell analytics
  • Automated colony picking robotics
  • Microbiological incubators
  • Photosynthetic organism incubator

Achievements of the centre

Key science sectors

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