Ecosciences Precinct (ESP)

Queensland Government

The Ecosciences Precinct is dedicated to solving some of Australia’s biggest environmental and primary production problems and colocates up to 1000 research staff from the Queensland Government departments (Agriculture and Fisheries, and Science Information Technology and Innovation), CSIRO, and staff from The University of Queensland through the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, are located at the Ecosciences Precinct. This critical mass of scientists are focussed on climate change, natural resource and environmental management, water and marine sciences and sustainable growth of Queensland’s industries. The state-of-the-art facilities include laboratories, insect houses, controlled environment rooms, glasshouses, greenhouses, offices, and workshops.The facilities allow researchers to conduct secure and carefully controlled studies on insects and bacteria to help control weeds that threaten Queensland’s ecosystems, and pests and diseases that destroy crops.

Organisation type
  • Queensland Government - Agency
  • Queensland Government – Partner
  • Part of national organisation – Government
  • University Research Centre
Number of research staff
700 plus research staff
Ecosciences Precinct, 41 Boggo Road, Dutton Park QLD 4102

Strengths and capabilities

  • Research and monitoring of Queensland's natural resources and environment including pest and diseases
  • Research for agriculture, forestry and marine industries to develop sustainable growth strategies

Facilities and major equipment

  • Chemistry Centre
  • High Performance Computer
  • Plant Pathology Herbarium (80 000 specimens)
  • Insect collection (1.5 million specimens)
  • Physical Containment Level 2 (PC2) Laboratory
  • Quarantine Containment Level 3 (QC3) Laboratory
  • Insect houses
  • Wet laboratories
  • Glasshouses and greenhouses

Key science sectors

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