Gatton Research Facility (GRF)

Agri-Science Queensland, Department of Agriculture and Fisherie

Gatton Research Facility, comprises a 60 person office, laboratory and 50 hectares of alluvial land where horticultural, pasture and grains research projects are undertaken. The site also supports DNRM and NPRS activities in the region.

Organisation type
  • Queensland Government – Partner
Number of research staff
Up to 20 research staff
Gatton Reseach Facility, via UQ Hort Ring Road, Gatton QLD 4343

Strengths and capabilities

  • Irrigation capacity
  • Modern equipment
  • Skilled staff
  • Horticulture, pasture and grains research and development capacity

Facilities and major equipment

  • Modern office and laboratory
  • Reliable irrigation and modern equipment
  • Industry relevant equipment
  • 50ha aluvial soil
  • Farm facilities

Key science sectors

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