Institute for Life Sciences and the Environment (ILSE)

University of Southern Queensland

Formerly known as Institute for Agriculture and the Environment

The Institute for Life Sciences and the Environment research focuses on agriculture, crop health, natural resource management, environment and climate sciences. Research undertaken in the Institute is recognised as above world standard in key areas which supports the delivery of applied solutions that shape the future of global food production. The Institute’s strong partnerships with state, national and international governments and industries play key roles in developing and enhancing our research capacity to meet emerging needs.

Organisation type
  • University
  • University Research Centre
Number of research staff
20-100 research staff
Building Q, University of Southern Queensland, West Street, Toowoomba QLD 4350

Strengths and capabilities

  • Sustainable crop disease management
  • Management of agricultural enterprises
  • Trans-disciplinary research
  • Social, environmental and political research
  • Environmental sustainability including soil science
  • Climate risk for insurance, agriculture & water resource applications
  • Healthy crops for improved food security & on-farm profitability
  • Fungi, bacteria & nematode crop disease research & management
  • Climate science research
  • Climate risk for disaster risk reduction

Facilities and major equipment

  • Research glasshouses
  • Research laboratories
  • Quarantine facility
  • Netted & irrigated field research facilities
  • Controlled environment rooms
  • Molecular laboratories

Lead researcher

  • Professor Gavin Ash—Internationally recognized for research in biopesticides and plant disease diagnostics.
  • Professor Roger Stone—Developed world's first integrated seasonal climate forecasting and coffee production modelling system

Achievements of the centre

  • Developed and commercialised green-on-green Weedspray technology
  • Developed adaptive real-time automated irrigation controller for furrow and pressured systems

Key science sectors

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