Queensland Health is responsible for the overall management of the public health system in Queensland provided through 16 Hospital and Health Services (HHS). Several of the HHS operate major tertiary research hospitals in close partnership with the many specialised research centres and health faculties of Queensland’s universities and research institutes such as the Translational Research Institute (TRI), QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute and the Australian Institute of Tropical Health. A division of Queenlsand Health, Clinical Excellence Queensland manages the Queensland Clinical Networks -formally recognised groups established to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare across 25 areas of care. This division also includes the Health Innovation, Investment and Research Office that oversees all research activities and maintains DoRA 2.0 Database of Research Activity -an open access online repository of Queensland Health publications and research activities.

Organisation type
  • Queensland Government - Agency
Number of research staff
700 plus research staff
33 Charlotte Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

Facilities and major equipment

  • Several major tertiary research hospitals and research centres

Key science sectors

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