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The Queensland science capability directory provides information on the State’s key research capabilities. Launched in 2013, the directory currently lists over 260 centres, institutes, facilities, research hospitals, precincts, laboratories and other research organisations (Centres). These include: the research centres of the universities in Queensland; Queensland-based national research organisations; and commercialisation office/services.

If your centre is:

  • not listed on the directory (please search by official name of the centre and/or primary location on the map)
  • based in Queensland (locations and/or a substantial presence in Queensland will be considered)
  • not a private sector research business

then please register your centre below.

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    1. e.g. ARC Centre of Excellence for Integrative Legume Research
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Any personal information collected as part of this process will be used to contact you for following up on the update to your nominated research centre in the Queensland Science Capability Directory. We will publish details of your research centre but will keep your contact information private.

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