Tactical Research Unit (TRU)

Bond University

The Australian Tactical Research Unit (TRU) works towards the protection and performance of individuals on the front line who protect our community and country. The TRU is a network of multidisciplinary international experts who investigate ways to optimise the physical and cognitive capabilities, and safety of tactical personnel – whether military, law enforcement, firefighters, or first responder organisations. The overarching aim of the TRU is to improve the health, wellbeing, and occupational performance of those who serve through pragmatic research spanning the occupational lifespan (from initial recruitment and training to specialists and retirement). Through dedicated and reinforced collaborations, the TRU has conducted research with a multitude of state and government tactical organisations, industry partners, and academic institutions on a wide and diverse range of topics across the three levels of management (tactical, operational, and strategic).

Organisation type
  • University Research Centre
Number of research staff
Up to 20 research staff
Bond Institute of Health and Sport, Tactical Research Unit, 2 Promethean Way, Robina QLD 4226

Strengths and capabilities

  • Occupational task analysis
  • Occupational screening and fitness standard validation
  • Occupational physiological and musculoskeletal profiling
  • Physical capability and task performance evaluation
  • Injury risk identification, minimisation, and mitigation
  • Equipment to human integration and impact assessments
  • Tactical performance, health, fitness, and wellbeing
  • Tactical load carriage conditioning and risk management
  • Tactical clothing evaulation for fit, form, and function
  • Tactical rehabilitation and return-to-work research

Facilities and major equipment

  • Wearable sensors (Bioharness physiological monitoring systems, GPS)
  • Biomechanical Force and Motion capture
  • Portable aerobic capacity (VO2) monitoring
  • Thermal and hydration monitoring
  • Physical Conditioning high performance centre
  • Altitude chamber (0-5000m)
  • Recovery / contrast bathing pools
  • Wet and Dry Saunas
  • Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA)
  • Clinical assessment / treatment rooms

Lead researcher

  • Professor Robin Orr—NSCA Tactical Professional of the Year, Queensand Young Tall Poppy Science award, International keynote speaker
  • Ass/Professor Ben Schram—University Vice Chancellor's Award for Early Career Research

Key science sectors

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