The Chemistry Centre

Department of Environment and Science, Queensland Government

The Chemistry Centre provides laboratory services, analysis, high quality data and information through the analysis of soils, plants, sediments and waters to support government projects for research, policy, and planning outcomes. The centre develops and advises on research methods, sampling techniques and the interpretation of results. We utilise environmental tracing technologies and geomorphological techniques to understand nutrient and sediment movement in the environment. We maintain a ‘state of the art’ research capacity in technical knowledge and instrumentation to provide expertise to support government policies and programs.

Organisation type
  • Queensland Government - Agency
Number of research staff
20-100 research staff
Ecosciences Precinct, 41 Boggo Road, Dutton Park QLD 4102

Strengths and capabilities

  • Chemical and physical analysis of water soils and plants samples providing high quality defensible data and information
  • Analysis of soil and sediment samples for: soil health; environmental monitoring and tracing (nutrients, heavy metals); contamination; land resource surveys; impact assessments
  • acid sulfate soils and geochemistry and stable isotopes
  • Plant material analysis for: diagnosis of nutritional deficiencies; fertiliser application requirements and crop quality
  • Testing of water and wastewater for: environmental monitoring; industry effluent discharge; waste water run|off; agricultural production (Irrigation and stock drinking water)
  • Project support in the design of research and monitoring projects
  • Quality Assurance to national or international standards
  • Post analysis support
  • feedback, advice and interpretation of analytical results
  • Maintaining availability of data on all corporate databases such as Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and Soil and Land Information (SALI)

Facilities and major equipment

  • Water and Isotope Laboratory
  • Soil and Plant Laboratory
  • Geochemistry Laboratory

Key science sectors

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