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Researcher working at National Sea Simulator

The Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) is Australia’s premiere tropical marine research agency. We play a pivotal role in providing large-scale, long-term and world-class research that helps governments, industry and the wider community to make informed decisions about the management of Australia’s marine estate.


Key science sectors

Strengths and capabilities

  • Provision large-scale, long-term and world-class research
  • Innovative scientific and technological research
  • Strategic and applied research into marine life
  • Monitoring the condition and trends in health of the marine environment
  • Building models and decision-support tools
  • Integrated observing systems
  • Robust long-term monitoring
  • Effective environmental risk assessment
  • Integrated monitoring program

Facilities and major equipment

  • National Sea Simulator
  • PC2 laboratory
  • Analytical laboratory
  • Chemistry laboratory
  • Research vessels Solander and Cape Ferguson
  • Engineering facility
  • Biomolecular Analysis Facility
  • Chromatography laboratory
  • Symbiont Culture Facility

Number of research staff

100-200 research staff


Australian Institute of Marine Science, 1526 Cape Cleveland Rd., Cape Cleveland, 4816

Lead researchers

Achievements of the centre

  • Explained the major decline of coral cover over the last 27 years
  • Provided important insights into historical coral growth rates and climate impacts
  • Research program at Scott Reef is one of the longest and most comprehensive investigations of a coral reef system in Australia and serves as model engagement between industry and science.

Other centre in Queensland

Organisation type

  • Commonwealth statutory authority

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