Griffith Centre for Coastal Management (GCCM)

Griffith University

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Aerial view of sandy estuary

The GCCM conducts research contributing to all aspects of sustainable management of coastal regions. The Centre has successful collaborations with industry and other research organisations, which provide the basis for access to world-class research and management practices. GCCM also facilitates community education and engagement programs to help maximise understanding of natural coastal processes and management strategies of local beaches, foreshores and dunes. The Centre's research programs cover: - Estuarine modelling - Coastlines - Ocean coastal dynamics - Climate change impact and adaptation - Infrastructure and technology - Urban catchments and waterways.


Key science sectors

Strengths and capabilities

  • Sustainable management of urban environments
  • Expertise in impacts of climate change on coastlines
  • Wave climate forecasting
  • Numerical modelling of coastal hydrology and hydrodynamics
  • Coastal engineering design and technology
  • Flood plain modelling and management
  • Urban catchment management
  • Intergrated water resource management
  • Expertise in coastal hydrodynamics and sedimentary processes
  • Coastal community engagement and education

Facilities and major equipment

  • Offshore observatory
  • Research vessels x6
  • Acoustic doppler current profiler
  • Metocean station
  • Rapid deployment survey vessel
  • Remote operated vehicle
  • 3D LIDAR survey capability
  • Coastal Community Education and Engagement toolbox
  • Coastal modelling software (FV Com, Delft 3D, ROMS, Mike21)

Number of research staff

20-100 research staff


Room 0.03, GT2, Gold Coast campus, Griffith University, 4222

Lead researchers

Achievements of the centre

  • Winner of the Research category at the 2015 Australian Coastal Awards
  • Winner of the Community Engagement category at the 2015 Australian Coastal Awards
  • Development of a storm tide Decision Support System for emergency management

Organisation type

  • University Research Centre

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