Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (IHBI)

Queensland University of Technology

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The Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (IHBI) uses the latest technology and brings together the best minds from around the world to conduct research into ways of improving health and wellbeing. IHBI recognises the complexity of health issues, involving medical background, social factors, human behaviour, molecular, genetic and environmental risk. We work in multidisciplinary teams including medical practitioners, biomedical scientists, nurses, psychologists, public health experts, optometrists, podiatrists, exercise physiologists and biomedical engineers. The research encompasses prevention, intervention and translation. Researchers work across multiple sites, including hospitals where patients are treated, giving a first-hand understanding and driving research relevance, impact and efficacy. Working in partnership with healthcare professionals such as cardiac surgeons and oncologists ensures our research can progress from our laboratories to improve people’s lives.


Key science sectors

Strengths and capabilities

  • Developing diagnostics, therapeutics, treatments and medical devices
  • Improving clinical management, emergency and trauma care
  • Clinical trials: vaccines, therapeutics, genomics
  • Cancer: genetics, biology, onset, diagnostics, treatment, survival
  • Infectious disease: molecular technique, diagnose, bacterial infection
  • Chronic disease, nursing and palliative care
  • Wound healing and recovery
  • Vision research: diagnostics, assessment, treatment and lens design
  • Prevention: disease, injuries, falls, sun exposure, road safety
  • Healthy lifestyles, mental health, child health, environmental health

Facilities and major equipment

  • Cell culture laboratories: skin and bone analysis
  • Genomics laboratories: gene analysis, DNA sequences, disease risk
  • Gait laboratories: motion analysis
  • Vision laboratories: specialist equipment, eye disorders
  • Advanced driving simulator: driver behaviour and skill analysis
  • Operating theatres: orthopaedic and artificial organ research
  • PC3 laboratories: viruses, genetically modified organisms
  • Medical Engineering Research Facility
  • Incubation space: encourage start-up companies
  • A node of the Queensland Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Network

Number of research staff

700 plus research staff


Q Block, 60 Musk Avenue, Kelvin Grove, 4059

Organisation type

  • University Research Centre

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