Queensland Animal Science Precinct (QASP)

The University of Queensland

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Tractor at QASP Feedlot facility

The Queensland Animal Science Precinct undertakes a diverse range of animal research including nutrition, health and disease management, vaccine development, behavioural and welfare studies, biosecurity investigational work, reproduction and food safety and security. These are key areas of strategic investment to ensure continued growth, efficiency, diversification and protection of animal industries. QASP facilitates increased national and international collaboration between scientists in the developed and developing world. It also focuses on strengthening the interaction between researchers and industry to ensure that research and development leads to practical outcomes which can seamlessly be implemented at industry level.

Website http://www.qasp.uq.edu.au

Key science sectors

Strengths and capabilities

  • Comprehensive Parasite expertise and research
  • Provision of Pig model used for Human research
  • Nutrition & Metabolism Research
  • Large and Small animal research
  • Direct Industry related research
  • Climate and Environmental effects research
  • Direct research design response capability

Facilities and major equipment

  • Office of Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) certified
  • Physical Containment Class 1 & 2 (PC2)
  • Large Animal Facility
  • Physical Containment Class 1 & 2 (PC1 & PC2)
  • Laboratory
  • NFAS (National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme) Registered Research Feedlot
  • Comprehensive Animal Metabolism Research Facilities
  • Animal Research Procedure Rooms
  • Animal Holding Facility
  • Animal Disease Vector Research Insectory Facilities
  • Tick Research Facilities

Number of research staff

Upto 20 research staff


University of Queensland, 5391 Warrego Highway, Gatton Campus, 4343

Organisation type

  • University Research Centre

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