Centre for Tropical Biodiversity and Climate Change (CTBCC)

James Cook University

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Researchers from CTBCC in the field at Atherton Uplands

CTBCC represents a globally-unique initiative designed to understand and address the critical issues faced by the hotspots of global biodiversity, the tropics, as we move into the future. CTBCC's research areas include Conservation & Ecological Management; Global Change Biology; Invasive Species and Understanding Biodiversity. CTBCC also has service themes showcasing skills to the broader community in: Biodiversity Futures; Big Data and Engagement.

Website https://research.jcu.edu.au/ctbcc

Key science sectors

Strengths and capabilities

  • Impact of climate change on tropical biodiversity
  • Species discovery and classification
  • Geographical patterns of biodiversity
  • Conservation planning for biodiversity
  • Speciation processes that generate biodiversity
  • Human imapcts on biodiversity and the natural environment
  • Biodiversity responses to impacts
  • Conservation in multi-use areas
  • Refugia for biodiversity
  • Species and population monitoring

Facilities and major equipment

  • The Daintree Rainforest Observatory (DRO)
  • Fletcherview Research Station
  • Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network FNQ Supersite
  • The Australian Tropical Herbarium
  • Advanced Analytical Centre (Cairns and Townsville) 
  • The Orpheus Island Research Station
  • High Performance Computing Centre

Number of research staff

20-100 research staff


ATSIP, James Cook University , 1 James Cook Drive, , Townsville, 4811

Lead researchers

  • Professor Bob Pressey —Distinguished Professor; ISI Highly Cited Researcher in Ecology/ Environment, in the top 0.1% of the field
  • Professor William F. Laurance—Australian Laureate Fellow, Distinguished Professor, Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science
  • Professor Steve Williams—Leader of IUCN specialist group on Climate change and biodiversity and NCCARF ecosystems network

Achievements of the centre

  • Leads the IUCN Climate Change & Biodiversity Specialist Group
  • Researchers acknowledged by the World Organisation for Animal Health when they recorded notifiable disease -amphibian chytrid fungus
  • Works with international Universities to produce data visualisataion

Organisation type

  • University Research Centre

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