Digital economy

Queensland’s information and communication technology (ICT) and multimedia sector has developed a reputation for world leading expertise in:

  • information security
  • 3D animation special effects and post-production services
  • game development
  • products and services to support industries such as mining, agriculture, health, transport and tourism.

Key industries including the life sciences, defence, mining, advanced manufacturing, food and agriculture work closely with ICT providers, who provide analysis and management of large-scale data sets.

The Queensland Government coordinates ICT policy across all agencies including implementing the state’s ICT Strategy and the Digital1st Strategy, and working closely with key industry stakeholders.

Queensland has nine universities including three of Australia’s largest. Details of 200 plus research centres in Queensland are available by searching the Queensland science capability directory. Most Queensland’s universities undertake pure or applied ICT and multimedia research.

Digital economy centres

More than 60 key Queensland-based institutes, facilities, precincts, and centres are involved ICT and multimedia research, big data and large system development and management.

Digital economy research centres

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