Queensland COVID-19 research

This page of Queensland’s research related to the COVID-19 pandemic is compiled from information provided by Queensland universities and research institutes.

While many of our researchers are working on potential vaccines, treatments and other medical interventions, other researchers are applying their expertise to other impacts of the pandemic upon our economy and other aspects of society. The data includes immediate research activity, recent relevant work, proposed research (subject to available funds) and other responses using the resources and expertise of our research organisations.

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  • Improving Advanced Life Support training for frontline healthcare workers under novel conditions September 2021

    Treating patients with a highly infectious disease, such as COVID-19, requires effective procedures to prevent in-hospital transmission and deliver critical care. This Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowship project led by Dr Yoriko Kikkawa from the Griffith Institute for Educational Research will deliver a new simulator and online training program that integrates infection control protocols into Advanced Life Support. This program will protect frontline workers from contracting infectious diseases and improve pandemic readiness for Queensland healthcare workers.

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    Griffith Institute for Educational Research
    Griffith University

    Contact details
    Dr Yoriko Kikkawa
    Research Fellow
    +617 3735 3472
    Mater Education
  • Disadvantages of digital divide highlighted by COVID-19 pandemic September 2021

    Not all people have an equal experience in accessing to digital platforms and technologies in Australia. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the digital divide that exists in Australia, especially with the temporary closure of schools and universities forcing student that are able to switch to online learning. An Australian Research Council funding project - ‘Advancing digital inclusion in low income Australian families’, led by QUT researchers from the Digital Media Research Centre, will focus on families in six diverse communities from Far North Queensland to Tasmania, in urban, regional and rural locations. Digital participation has been shown to substantially increase opportunities for, and pathways to, civic engagement, financial stability and wellbeing. The aims to address the growing gap experienced by as many as three million Australians living below the poverty line and will focus on the digital inclusion implications of children’s home and school learning experiences, school leavers’ transitions into work, and parenting in digital times.

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    Digital Media Research Centre
    Queensland University of Technology

    Contact details
    Prof Michael Dezuanni
    Program Leader, Digital Media Research Centre
    +61 7 3138 5978 
    • The Smith Family
    • Infoxchange
    • yourtown
    • LEEP NGO
    • Good Things Foundation
  • Uncovering the early years literacy and numeracy learning experiences of children and their families during COVID-19 July 2020

    Members of the USQ Early Childhood Education team are undertaking a study to uncover learning experiences of children and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic. The results of the survey of Australian parents and children from prior to school and up to Year 2, will acknowledge the voices of both children and families and help to re-examine perceptions and thinking practices for future formal and informal home learning opportunities.

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    School of Education
    University of Southern Queensland

    Contact details
    Michele Wright
    +61 7 3470 4231
  • Co-parenting and care arrangements during Covid-19 July 2020

    Extending the research from the ‘The Experiences of Separated Parents with the Schooling System’, this project led by Dr Renee Desmarchelier at USQ, aims to understand the impact of Covid-19 restrictions and concerns on co-parenting arrangements of separated and divorced parents within the Australian Education system in order to inform policy and develop best practices.

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    Institute for Resilient Regions
    University of Southern Queensland

    Contact details
    Dr Renee Desmarchelier
    Ass Dean Learning, Teaching and Student Success
    +61 7 4631 2591

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