Queensland COVID-19 research

This page of Queensland’s research related to the COVID-19 pandemic is compiled from information provided by Queensland universities and research institutes.

While many of our researchers are working on potential vaccines, treatments and other medical interventions, other researchers are applying their expertise to other impacts of the pandemic upon our economy and other aspects of society. The data includes immediate research activity, recent relevant work, proposed research (subject to available funds) and other responses using the resources and expertise of our research organisations.

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  • Urban Design and Town Planning in response to COVID-19 June 2020

    This USC project offers a ‘systems thinking’ perspective to assist in the exploration and description of the impacts of COVID-19 on public spaces in Australia. The approach utilises Human Factors and Sociotechnical Systems methodologies to examine activities that were restricted under lockdown, and how such restrictions affect system performance and community wellbeing. The project utilises a pre-COVID systems model of public space as a basis for exploring the necessary changes required when considering the requirements of social distancing for disease minimisation and mitigation. Such whole-of-system based perspectives of urban design and town planning permit a clearer interpretation and integration of global and national health priorities in the design and use of public space at the human scale.

    #Urban design and town planning


    School of Social Sciences and Centre for Human Factors and Sociotechnical Systems
    University of Sunshine Coast

    Contact details
    Dr Silvia Tavares
    Lecturer in Urban Design and Town Planning
    07 5456 5884

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