Queensland COVID-19 research

This page of Queensland’s research related to the COVID-19 pandemic is compiled from information provided by Queensland universities and research institutes.

While many of our researchers are working on potential vaccines, treatments and other medical interventions, other researchers are applying their expertise to other impacts of the pandemic upon our economy and other aspects of society. The data includes immediate research activity, recent relevant work, proposed research (subject to available funds) and other responses using the resources and expertise of our research organisations.

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  • The significance of viral communities in bats in the spillover of bat-borne viruses into other animals April 2020

    Dr. Alison Peel, a veterinarian and wildlife disease ecologist, and her team at the Wildlife Disease Ecology Group at GU's Environmental Futures Research Institute have been undertaking a long term study of how the environment, animals, viruses and people interact across multiple scales to cause viral spillover from bats into horses and humans. The research aims to develop a better understanding of the dynamics of wildlife diseases which can be used to ensure scientifically sound decisions relating to the health of wildlife, domestic animals and people, as well as conservation and to provide sustainable solutions that protect future generations from novel zoonotic diseases such as COVID-19. The importance of Dr. Peel’s research is paramount when you consider that bats have also been implicated in the transmission of coronaviruses and Ebola to people—again, potentially as a result of human disruption to natural environments.



    Environmental Futures Research Institute
    Griffith University

    Contact details
    Doctor Alison Peel
    +61 (0)467 806 660

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