Advanced manufacturing

Manufacturing is the state’s third largest employer, with the industry directly contributing over $20 billion to our economy in 2014–15. Advanced manufacturing and design research aims to improve sustainability and technology.

Queensland’s advanced manufacturing competitive strengths include: aerospace; automotive and transport; biomedical and life sciences; defence; food and beverage processing; industrial biotechnology and bioproducts; mining equipment, technology and services; precision agriculture; and renewable energy.

The Queensland Government recognises that advanced manufacturing and design makes a vital contribution to the state’s economy, culture and lifestyle and is developing a 10-year Advanced Manufacturing Road Map and Action Plan to maximise the benefits from the sector.

Queensland has nine universities including three of Australia’s largest. Details of 200 plus research centres in Queensland are available by searching the Queensland science capability directory.

Most Queensland universities manage advanced manufacture and design research programs in dedicated research institutes and centres.

Leading advanced manufacturing and design

Find out why top researchers and industry leaders are saying Queensland is one of the best places in the world for advanced manufacturing and design.

Video transcript

“Queensland Science making a difference ADVANCED MANUFACTURING”

Ian O’H­ara
Principal Research Fellow
Science and Engineering Faculty, QUT

The manufacturing sector is looking for renewable and sustainable technologies and transitioning to a future that is higher skilled, more technologically focused

[Caption: Queensland Science… ADVANCED MANUFACTURING… making a difference]

Professor Alan Rowan
Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology
The University of Queensland

Queensland is internationally recognised in cutting edge science, solving society’s problems.

[Caption: Solving real world problems]

We’re all going to be living longer and the key thing is how do we remain healthy for longer?

We have the ability here to make diagnostic tools so that we can check whether you have a disease extremely early on so that it doesn’t become a complication.

Ian O’H­ara
Principal Research Fellow
Science and Engineering Faculty, QUT

We work at QUT here on a range of technologies including industrial biotechnology and engineering and bioprocessing. We work directly with farmers where we can take agricultural waste and produce valuable products.

Juhani von Hellens
Technical Manager

Ultimately the biggest expense that developing countries have is food production. Agricultural feed supplement products improve the nutritional uptake and makes it more cost effective.

Our company manufactures feed enzymes—the research is vital for us. The university like QUT has the infrastructure, the people the capability to so we can generate world class technologically advanced agricultural products here.

Barry Thomas
Asia Pacific, Vice President, Cook Incorporated

Cook Medical manufactures personalised medical devices here in Queensland. We distribute them to 64 countries. The big issue for us is how are we going to service the developing world?

So we’re working with Queensland universities looking at ways we can improve patient outcomes. There’s some great research going on here in Queensland that are going to lead to real advances in medicine, and the delivery of healthcare. And we’re really excited to be part of that.

Professor Srinivasan Mandyam
Professor of Visual Neuroscience and Robotics
Queensland Brain Institute
School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, The University of Queensland (UQ)

Small creatures flying insects can navigate with a very small brain and limited resources so the challenge is – how can we do what a bee does in a plane?

Dr Michael Wilson
Senior Researcher
Boeing Research and Technology – Australia

Boeing has been partnering with Professor Srinivasan’s laboratory on a research project aimed at taking what we can learn from birds and bees and make robots smarter... and that’s world class research.

[Caption: Partnering for success]

Professor Dietmar Hutmacher
Professor and Chair in Regenerative Medicine Science and Engineering Faculty, QUT

Currently in America there are about 1 million plus patients which undergo the removal of the breast based on cancer a year. Europe has a similar size as the US.

We are developing cutting edge 3D printing technology platform which allow us to make this very complex shapes in form of a breast architecture tissue will grow into the scaffold that it is biodegradable.

[Caption: Producing better outcomes]

We are bring it now into clinical trials within the next three years.

Barry Thomas

Together with Queensland science we’re making a difference

Professor Srinivasan Mandyam

Queensland Science

Juhani von Hellens

making a difference

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Advanced manufacturing and design research centres

Queensland has more than 70 institutes, facilities, precincts, laboratories and other organisations are undertaking research in the advanced manufacturing and design sector including: