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Queensland has a globally competitive life sciences sector. State Government investment over two decades in research, development and world-class infrastructure is paying dividends. The state is a highly attractive knowledge hub with successes in health, agriculture, the environment and industrial biotechnology utilising the state’s unique biodiversity, outstanding skills and infrastructure.

Key infrastructure and support

Queensland boasts a critical mass of research centres across biotechnology, food and agriculture, health and medical and offers a distinct advantage for conducting clinical trials. Queensland has nine universities including three of Australia’s ten largest universities. Details of the 250 plus centres in Queensland are available by searching the Queensland science capability directory.

The key industry-led organisation, Life Sciences Queensland works closely with and all levels of government providing leadership and growth and promotion opportunities for its 170 member organisations and businesses.

Queensland life sciences

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Discover more about Queensland's strengths and investment opportunities in the Queensland life sciences brochure (PDF, 3.0MB) .

Find out why top researchers and industry leaders are saying Queensland is one of the best places in the world for life science research.

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Queensland has a globally competitive life sciences industry with a proven track record of success.

The Queensland Government has invested heavily in state-of-the-art research facilities which provide excellent base for scientists to work collaboratively.

Queensland biodiversity also presents significant opportunities for life sciences.

The researchers have achieved health breakthroughs such as Gardasil and Nanopatch that are world class.

Collaborating with researchers and investors, the Queensland life sciences industry will open up new opportunities.

Our investors and collaborators find it’s easy to do business here.

Professor Ian Frazer AC
The University of Queensland
Translational Research Ambassador
Chair of TRI Foundation Board
Co-inventor of Gardasil

Queensland has invested in over 20 years of providing the infrastructure that will enable businesses working in the life sciences to succeed.

It’s also invested heavily in education to ensure we’ve got the talent here to help businesses succeed.

Overall Queensland is just a great place to do biomedical research.

Mario Pennisi
Chief Executive Officer
Life Sciences Queensland

Because we are a western economy in a tropical world Queensland has the opportunity to lead in tropical health and infectious diseases.

And of course our proximity to Asia gives us a unique position.

The Novartis deal which was announced around the pain research that was done by Professor Maree Smith has resulted in the largest exit of an Australian biotech to date.

And we know that we have more of those types of opportunities in the pipeline.

Dr Kym Baker
General Manager, Patheon Biologics

Patheon offer a one of a kind offering in Australia which is contract manufacturing of biotherapeutics which are destined for use in Australian and across the world.

Our customers love the clinical trial schemes that offers them that competitive advantage to get into the clinic faster.

Tertia Dex
Director Business and Project Management

We’ve been able to very successfully attract a lot of international business, in fact 90% of our customers come from overseas to work here in Queensland.

They see a high amount of value in the collaborations we have between the clinical trials sites, between the research organisations the universities as well as the government.

The incentives they can benefit from, the R&D tax incentives as well as the clinical trial access schemes that allows them to fast track into Phase 1 clinical trials faster than anywhere else in the world.

Professor Yaping Zhang
Vice President
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Queensland has many excellent research institutions and incredible scientists and the Queensland Government encourages innovations and that is important for our collaboration.

Distinguished Professor James Dale AO, FTSE
Queensland University of Technology

We’ve got a very, very good regulatory environment for doing this sort of work and we can go all the way through to field trial.

We’ve got a very strong intellectual property environment as well.

So we’re starting to get a reputation for excellence in life sciences particularly in tropical crops.

Professor Yaping Zhang

Queensland is very nice to live, and a wonderful environment and a pleasant climate.

Professor James Dale AO

We’ve been the envy of most other states in Australia when we talk about the support we get in Queensland from particularly from the Queensland Government.

And of course that’s been translated into real outcomes which I think we’re seeing now tremendous outcome from that investment into life sciences in Queensland.

David Hoey, CEO Vaxxas

Queensland is a wonderful place to do business. It’s very straight forward. The technology that we’re working on here has the opportunity to fundamentally change the way that vaccination takes place around the world.

We’re working with the World Health Organisation, the Gates Foundation on programs that can fundamentally improve vaccination in the developing world.

But the best place that we’ve found to do that development is right here.

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Queensland has amazing researchers, strong medical capabilities and an enviable lifestyle.

Queensland the right place for life sciences research and collaboration.

Translating research outcomes into real life solutions to many of the challenges we face today.

We encourage investors and collaborators to experience why Queensland is the right place for your next venture in life sciences.


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Investing or collaborating in Queensland life sciences

There are plenty of exciting opportunities for collaboration or investment with Queensland’s life sciences sector.

Queensland life sciences research centres

Queensland boasts a critical mass of research centres across a range of sectors with over 180 institutes, facilities, research hospitals, precincts, laboratories and other research organisations involved in the life sciences sector.