Centre for Advanced Imaging (CAI)

The University of Queensland

As a leading imaging research facility in Australia, the Centre for Advanced Imaging undertakes research and provides research services in: molecular characterisation with nuclear magnetic resonance; electron paramagnetic resonance; preclinical and human imaging with magnetic resonance imaging; computerised axial tomography; and positron emission tomography. The Centre also undertakes radiolabelling of small molecules and antibodies for research with short-lived positron emitting radioisotopes. CAI's imaging capabilities can be used to study organ systems in vivo in health and disease and to image economically significant agricultural animals and plant material, minerals and construction materials.

Organisation type
  • University Research Centre
  • National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Scheme
Number of research staff
Up to 20 research staff
Building 57, Research Road, The University of Queensland, St Lucia QLD 4072

Strengths and capabilities

  • High and ultra high field magnetic resonance imaging
  • Positron emission tomography, radiolabelling, radiochemical synthesis
  • Human imaging
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance
  • Electron paramagnetic resonance
  • Structural biology
  • Computational analysis of images
  • Comparative oncology
  • Preclinical / animal imaging

Facilities and major equipment

  • 3T and 7T human MRI
  • Small animal PET-MRI, PET-CT
  • Large bore PET-CT
  • Radiochemistry laboratories
  • Multiscpectral optoacoustic tomography
  • Digital autoradiography
  • 300, 500, 700, 900MHz nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers
  • Electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometers
  • Engineering and electronics workshops
  • Node of the Queensland Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Network

Key science sectors

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